How It Works?

All of us yearn to find and infuse meaning into everything we do in our lives. And who doesn’t want an app that helps you do just that? Whether you’re looking to add meaning to your professional life (no matter the field), to your family life or to your own personal life, the Omnipreneur App helps you achieve an organized approach to living a life of meaning, in a well-rounded and holistic manner.

An Approach to Building a Meaningful Life

1. Logged-in user is guided by many examples, to clearly set out his/her goals, integrating everything needed to live a life of meaning.

2. Goals are set across 10 vital areas of life; Personal, Health, Recreation, Family, Friends, Community, Household, Financial, Career and Spiritual.

3. For effectiveness, goals are organized into three levels; Life Goals (long term) and then goals for the next Five Years (medium term), and then Current Year Goals

4. Current Year Goals is then put into workable four quarterly Action Plans.


5. The App will help you follow up and keep track of your plans and even send you regular notifications and alerts to remind and guide you as you work toward them.

6. You’ll be able to view a summary of other user’s goals and performance, giving you the chance to seek mentorship from anyone or provide help to anyone if you like.

7. End of each year, you get to review and revise your Goals and Plans.

8. You’ll also be able to share your plan with friends or print it out for in one page for easy reference.

9. The process continues year after year, as you progress toward achieving your goals through workable plans and Omnipreneur App Support.

10. The Omnipreneur App brings together people and creates a community for those who yearn for a life filled with greater meaning.