Why the Execution Dashboard and Quarterly Report?

The Execution Dashboard is where all the magic begins… it’s one thing to plan, and another to take action. By filling out the Omnipreneur’s Execution Dashboard, you bind and commit yourself to the goals you’ve set out to achieve. It is Omnipreneurship’s golden rule, “Exceptional Execution” in practice.

The Execution Dashboard allows you to put in your current year’s goals into actionable steps. It gives you a timeframe by which to complete each task, sending out notifications to you as reminders of where you should be, gently guiding you toward your annual finish line. The Quarterly Report breaks it down into even smaller steps, with space to set deadlines for each quarter.

At the end of each quarter, if you have a designated mentor, the report will be reviewed by him or her, using something much like a traffic light system. Through this system, your mentor will indicate to you if you’ve reached a goal (green!), if you’re on the way there (yellow!) or if you’ve not done anything about it (red!). Depending on the results of each report, your mentor will give you feedback and guidance as you continue on your omnipreneurial journey. You will also find a “Mentors” and “Mentees” tab, under which you can find those who’ll guide you along your way – and also those you can provide guidance to. As the oh-so-wise Benjamin Franklin once proclaimed, “tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn” – and this sentiment is part and parcel of the omnipreneurial way of life.