Why the Life Plan?

You can never underestimate the power of setting yourself goals. The Life Plan is the embodiment of Omnipreneurship’s first golden rule, “I Aim, Therefore I Am”. Not only does the Life Plan provide a quick, easy and efficient way to visualize your biggest and boldest dreams - it also helps you pave the way to get there.

We tend to live life in chapters, categorizing the stages of our lives in a linear way – school, university, getting a job, getting married – and so on. Living this way, comes at the expense of neglecting certain aspects of our lives, depending on the stage we are at. Omnipreneurship provides us with a framework to live in a way that allows us to do anything we set our minds to, no matter what phase of life we are in. The Life Plan helps to break down our finish-lines – personal and professional – first into categories, then into smaller, actionable steps. Once you visualize each component and have a plan laid out, you can put energy into working on what may have been a seemingly unattainable goal.

While it can be overwhelming once you get started filling it out, remember – nothing is set in stone. It is a fluid and breathing document, that thrives upon reflection. Should a goal of yours change due to circumstances or require tweaks, you can always revisit and adjust it at the end of the year. Be careful though – it is easy for the Life Plan to become a moving target if you adjust and tweak too frequently.

As the saying goes “a dream without a plan is just a wish”… and while omnipreneurs are indeed dreamers, they are more importantly - do-ers.